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"A place for healing and restoration"


Bec Hollingsworth

OSTEOPATH 0499 880 881

Bec’s dream for Beach Therapy is to create a space for healing and restoration. A place where people can come to feel nurtured and empowered through the treatments available from highly qualified and experienced practitioners.

Bec aim to empower her clients. She provides treatment which ensures that her clients do not rely on her and her treatment solely to remain pain free. Bec rather works to treat the cause issues so that the body will heal itself. Once these inner healing mechanisms have been ignited, Bec provides preventative treatment to maintain the body, and provides the her clients with tools to keep themselves and their joints and bodies moving well.

Bec qualified with a Masters of Osteopathy in 2001, and has been passionate about helping people with their bodies and helping them to manage their health ever since. She is a registered primary health care practitioner in Australia under the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency, which has a strict code of ethics and guidelines, always ensuring that the best interests os the client are put first.

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Troy Allan


0404 008 626

Troy is a medical intuitive/energy healer with 20 years experience in energy medicine.

He is the creator of the "Masterswitch energy healing" which incorporates kinesiology/muscle testing to identify the underlying cause whether it be physical, mental or spiritual, then resetting you back to factory settings and allowing the body to heal and recover.

Troy treats people of all ages with any complaint. He addresses any problem you might have. He is also an animal communicator and healer, so if your pet needs help, or you need help handling your animal, give him a call.

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Ros Scott-Mackenzie


0488 290 148

Beach Therapy Director Bec Hollingsworth first worked with Ros in Sydney in 2010. At the time Ros was combining remedial massage with the use of hot rocks, which was and still is fairly unique as an holistic healthcare modality.

“The tension in my muscles just dissipated with the heat of the rocks, and then Ros would get in even deeper with her hands to release the muscles even further. It was the best massage I have ever had.”

Now Ros has blossomed as an intuitive healer, using energetic healing methods, essential oils and her own connection to the light which will give even the most tired body of feeling of deep rejuvenation.

During a treatment with Ros you will experience:

·       Remedial body work with the use of hot rocks, melting the tension from your muscles,

·       An holistic energetic treatment easing tension in the muscles and bringing peace to the mind,

·       Aromatic essential oils will take your experience of peace and relaxation to another level.

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Fiona Dutton


Fiona studied her Diploma of Beauty Therapy here on the Gold Coast and has been a qualified therapist since 2008. She received the student Spa award of the year for her efforts. Fiona is especially interested in dermal therapy and aromatherapy.

Fiona has been offering beauty and massage treatments to her clients in their own homes, operating her mobile beauty and massage business here on the Gold Coast.

She is very excited to be joining the team here at Beach Therapy wellness centre. It has been a dream of hers since the start of her career to offer her own unique style of traditional beauty and spa treatments in a private and tranquil environment. Fiona’s treatments cater for the overall health and well-being for an individual. The relaxing atmosphere in our modern centre with beautiful treatment rooms and private ensuites is the perfect space to enjoy rejuvenating spa treatments. Fiona offers Advance facial treatments, cosmeceutical skincare and treatment plans. Her indulgent therapeutic body treatments are amazing, developed exclusively for the premium salon experience. 

Fiona enjoys helping people achieve beautiful and healthy skin with non-invasive aesthetically enhancing treatments as well as providing therapeutic treatments that are relaxing, rejuvenating and confidence enhancing.

Fiona enjoys yoga, nature and having fun with her 3 beautiful boys and partner. She is available here at Beach Therapy on Wednesdays.


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Nicola Dawber-Laye


0449 831 064

Nicola Dawber-Laye has over 18 years experience as a holistic health & pilates practitioner, pre/post natal specialist and a breath coach.

Nicola devoted her studies in pre/post natal pilates 7 years ago while pregnant with her first child. Working with pregnancy / post natal therapy for 18 years and has helped many women transition through birth into motherhood and then beyond to menopause.

Breathing has now become Nicola’s absolute passion, providing coping strategies for when life gets tough, she knows this all too well with two small children and having experienced two interesting births.

Nicola provides Beach Therapy clients the chance to experience all of her knowledge combined into a workshop with body release and breathing meditation, it's a magical fusion.
If you are wanting a more personal experience, Nicola offers breath coaching as a one to one approach this is a highly effective way to release the mind and body.

“Holding your hand as you walk into the world of Motherhood. Supporting you through the process with your mind, body and breath” Nicola Dawber-laye